country programming中文什么意思

发音:   用"country programming"造句
  • 国家规划制订


  1. We have made our views known at the unfpa board meeting , which is currently reviewing the proposed new country program for china . the u . s . opposition to this program is a matter of principle
  2. To develop capabilities in program design , implementation and evaluation among plan staff and program participants , and to support the achievement of country program goals that are aligned with plan ' s domains and principles
  3. Because in installs the star in the process often to bump into the administrative office for a long time not to install the pot , some places cannot install the star the situation , this company presently develops some new products , uses in not needing the pot specially , but can receive japan , south korea , country program ' s and so on us looms , the loom only need join with the network then watches from these national program


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