cove beach中文什么意思

发音:   用"cove beach"造句
  • 湾头滩
  • cove:    n. 〔英俚〕家伙;〔澳俚〕老板(特 ...
  • beach:    n. 1.(湖、河、海的)滨,海滨。 ...
  • cove:    n. 1.(河)湾;小海湾,??的海 ...


  1. A spokesman for the working group said a red tide was observed on may 22 at turtle cove beach by staff of the environmental protection department
  2. Leisure and cultural services department staff saw one at shek o beach on june 16 and another one at turtle cove beach this morning . red flag was hoisted at the two beaches respectively
  3. Three other occurrences came to the attention of lcsd staff this week , including the one at turtle cove beach on september 7 , and at hairpin beach and stanley main beach the following day . red flags were hoisted at these beaches until this morning when the red tides dissipated


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