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  • crossover:    【铁路】岔道,转线路,【生物学】(杂 ...
  • section:    n. 1. (外科、解剖的)切断;切 ...
  • crossover network=crossover:    电子分频器; 音箱内部的无源分频器
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  1. Application of the mf method normally involves construction of an intermediate column at every 4 meters . on a crossover section , which serves as a passage for train change directions , intermediate columns placed at 4 - meter intervals would block the route of a turning train . therefore , a solution must be found to the problem of location of intermediate columns on crossover sections
    (四)转辙段( crossover )处以多圆形潜盾工法施作之可能性,由于转辙段系为提供电联车换轨功能之处,两轨道间不能有任何障碍物,而多圆形隧道环片间每隔四米即需中间柱,于设计上有何解决之道。


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