cultivated fields中文什么意思

发音:   用"cultivated fields"造句
  • 耕地
  • cultivated:    adj. 1.在耕种[栽培]中的。 ...
  • field:    n. 1.原野,旷野;(海、空、冰雪 ...
  • fields:    场处理; 场地; 场设置; 菲尔茨; ...


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  1. If it crosses cultivated fields it may damage the crops .
  2. The cultivated field received not only its own share of rainfall but all of the runoff from the catchment .
  3. Of the whole area , 10 per cent is cultivated fields , 30 per cent hills , and the rest covered with water
    “山温水软似名姝” , “三山六水一分田” ,自然环境悦目赏心。
  4. Redroot pigweed ( amaranthus retroflexus l . ) is an annual species of weeds which is widely distributed and important in cultivated field and other land all over the world
    摘要反枝苋是世界性分布的一种恶性杂草, ?解其生物学特性将有助于对其进行有效防治。
  5. The principal vector of je , culex tritaeniorhynchus breeds in water - logged abandoned fields , rice fields , marshes and water collections around cultivated fields


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