cultivated grassland中文什么意思

发音:   用"cultivated grassland"造句
  • 人工草场
  • 栽培草地


  1. Studies on the energy and material use efficiency of cultivated grassland and farmland ecosystem in the hilly regions of southern china
  2. Based on an analysis of the history and present status of the farmland - pastoral ecotone in the northern part of china , a new point of view was proposed in this paper for the construction of eco - environmental systems , namely , the industrial structure has to be modified so as to make a functional integration between different parts of the whole system : to give priority to a combination between cultivated grassland and in - shed feeding of domestic animals , and at the same time , to employ a new model of animal husbandry so that the degradated natural grassland can be recovered ; to develop a new type of processing industry for agricultural and forestal products so as to create a pluralistic enterprise structure ; to make a better use of water resources by taking advantages of the abundant resources of energy and minerals , and to restrain the expansion of industries of high environmental cost ; to employ techniques of integration management and restoration ecology , and to speed up the process of woodland and grassland recovery ; to make a thorough plan for arrangements of hills , waters , roads , farmlands , forests and pastures in order to gain an integration at landscape level


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