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  • 三维处理
  • d:     CD = 400. DC ...
  • process:    vi. 〔口语〕排队走,列队行进 〔 ...
  • 'd:     〔口语〕 1.= had ...


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  1. This paper primarily introduces the electronics r & d process and brings forward the integral and feasible design project of the system
  2. All of these make the whole software r & d process under control , programs more reliable and also ensure the software development in an efficient way . the bepcii is a multiple - bunch machine
  3. Secondly , by integrating the advantages of multi - view modeling idea and relation modeling method , a compound multi - view quantitative model ( cmvqm ) of r & d process is constructed according to the requirements of srabpi
    其次,综合多视图建模和关系建模的优点,从srabpi的需求出发,建立了研发过程复合多视图定量模型( cmvqm ) 。
  4. The dissertation also discusses the knowledge alliance , the management of r & d process , knowledge path dependence . at last , the knowledge platform is conceived to help the happening of knowledge integration
  5. The research and development of hv - tsc by domestic research institutes and manufactories is being in progress . it is of great significance to speed up the r & d process and promote the applications of hv - tsc in the domestic grid as soon as possible


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