defensive reaction中文什么意思

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  1. Care should be taken because the behaviour of the auditor could affect the attitude of the person being interviewed and an insensitive approach could lead to an unco - operative and defensive reaction
  2. Gene population encoding proteins that involve in plant defensive reactions and adversity resistance , such as p1a5 gene encoding a non - specific lipid - transfer protein , p1b4 gene encoding a raucaffricine - o - p - d - glucosidase and p2d4 , encoding a proline - rich protein ; ( 2 ) gene populations with antagonistic effects occurred simultaneously in sprouting bract , e . g . ,
    如pib4基因编码的葡萄糖昔酶、 pias基因编码的植物脂肪转移蛋白、 pzd4基因编码的一种富含脯氨酸的蛋白都有参与植物的抗逆、防御或应激反应的功能八2 )幼嫩苞片中有互为桔抗作用的基因同期表达。


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