defensive warfare中文什么意思

发音:   用"defensive warfare"造句
  • 防御战


  1. However , defensive warfare , which is passive in form , can be active in content , and can be switched from the stage in which it is passive in form to the stage in which it is active both in form and in content
  2. If we should use " protracted defensive warfare on interior lines " as the principle for campaigns and battles too , as we did at the beginning of the war of resistance , it would be totally unsuited to the circumstances in which the enemy is small while we are big and the enemy is strong while we are weak ; in that case we could never achieve our strategic objective of a protracted war and we would be defeated by the enemy
    如果战役和战斗方针也同样是“内线的持久的防御战” ,例如抗战初起时期之所为,那就完全不适合敌小我大、敌强我弱这两种情况,那就决然达不到战略目的,达不到总的持久战,而将为敌人所击败。


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