delivery pipeline中文什么意思

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  • 输出管道
  • 输送管线


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  1. Construction machines and machines for building materials ; concrete delivery pipelines ; dimensions
  2. Some new ideas and main content showed in the article are as the follows . 1st . research on gas properties in pipeline system according to document references , by far there is no systematic research on gas thermal insulation coefficient in delivery pipeline with gas
    论文研究的主要内容及创新点如下: 1 、管道系统中的气体特性研究已有文献表明,含气输水管道系统中气体多方指数n的变化规律至今还缺乏系统研究。
  3. Combining physical experiments and theoretical analysis , this literature has performed thorough research on gas properties of delivery pipeline system , pressure current rush to interception air - mass in pressure pipeline , water hammer with gas that happens with gas releasing and liquid column separating
  4. Research on current rush to interception air - mass in delivery pipeline system and water hammer with gas is a branch of concurrent gas - liquid flow . for it refers to many fields , such as fluid mechanics , transient flow , concurrent gas - liquid flow and thermodynamics , the problem is very complicate , and there are still some issues to be deeply studied actually
  5. At the other end of the product delivery pipeline , australia post provides a streamlined product sourcing service from australian suppliers . australia post is one of the most efficient postal services in the world and i think you ll agree that their slogan of " we deliver " is evident in this unique australian product fulfillment service


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