delivery receipt中文什么意思

发音:   用"delivery receipt"造句
  • 送货回条。


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  1. For defects that cannot be identified visually at the time of delivery receipt , we allow a 7 - day period from the date of order receipt for refund exchange claims
  2. Checking all of purchased order 、 delivery receipt 、 purchased invoice according to purchasing dept issued in the erp purchasing management system
  3. You must acknowledge your document of identity for visa purposes by producing your hong kong identity card for verification and sign on the delivery receipt
  4. Upon the completion of loading or discharging of such goods and articles , the carrier shall submit to the customs the delivery receipt and records containing the actual situation
  5. Copy of claused delivery receipt , or damage exception report from carrier forwarder tally report to the same effect copy of notice of claim against carrier forwarder and their reply , if any


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