delivery vehicle中文什么意思

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  1. City delivery vehicle dispatching model and its algorithm
  2. Db2 fixpack 10 , as its name implies , is more of a maintenance than feature based code delivery vehicle
    顾名思义, db2 fixpack 10更像是一种维护,而不是提供新特性的代码。
  3. Wireless networks are of great value to fleets of trucks , taxis , delivery vehicles , and repairpersons for keeping in contact with home
  4. By the end of this year , ups will have more than 3 , 500 employees in china , deploying more than 1 , 400 delivery vehicles and operating more than 75 facilities
    今年年底前, ups在中国将拥有超过3500名员工, 1400部车辆设备和75处运营设施。
  5. Like many other researchers , we selected a virus as our delivery vehicle , or vector , because viruses are skilled at smuggling genes into cells
    我们和其他许多研究者一样,选用病毒做为运送基因的工具(或称载体) ,因为病毒擅长将基因夹带进入细胞。


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