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  1. The blooming economical development and civil constructions of the last decade , however , have continued to deteriorate the environment to a significant extent . the systematic analysis of this thesis is based on this situation . this thesis includes four chapters , introduction , background , analysis , and solution
  2. With the development of the society , man has done a lot of harm to the environment and natural resources . because of that , we have deteriorated the environment and shared a tense relationship with the resources . among that , the water resource especially drinking water resource shortage and bad quality confines the development
  3. The development of international trade helps to distribute resources worldwide rationally and effectively , thus pushes global economics forward , at the same time , it provides environment protection more financial support and better technological assistance . however , the negative effect trade imposes on environment cannot be omitted as the scale of international trade enlarges , over - exploitation of natural resources worsens ecological environment . transboundary movements of hazardous wastes even deteriorate the environment of developing countries


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