devote exclusively to中文什么意思

发音:   用"devote exclusively to"造句
  • 专门从事
  • devote:    vt. 1.献(身),专心致力于,贡 ...
  • exclusively:    排他地, 仅仅, 专门, 只, 仅, ...
  • exclusively for:    纯为……而……


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  1. Several developers have asked if we could create a mailing list that would be devoted exclusively to describing cvs commits
  2. The new museum of contemporary art , on west 22nd street , is the only new york museum devoted exclusively to contemporary art by internationally known and emerging artists
  3. While interact and rotaract help to develop leadership skills , there is another program devoted exclusively to this purpose : rotary youth leadership awards ( better known as ryla )
    虽然扶少团与扶青团有助于培养领导技能,但是还有另外一个专门为此目的而设立的计画扶轮青少年领袖奖( ryla ) 。
  4. Out of this grew the shrimati amolak devi tirathram gupta yogic hospital , a first ever hospital of this kind in india , devoted exclusively to the treatment of chronic functional disorders through yoga , in 1961
    在1961 ,学院开立了第一家瑜伽治疗医院,通过瑜伽调理和治疗各种身体系统紊乱疾病。如今kaivalyadhama瑜伽研究学院在世界各地均设有分院。
  5. As i mentioned earlier , we are also establishing a special office devoted exclusively to cases involving chinese imports , which will further cultivate the expertise necessary to address the unique problems encountered in that market


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