discuss cause中文什么意思

发音:   用"discuss cause"造句
  • 合议原因
  • discuss:    vt. 1.议论;讨论,辩论。 2. ...
  • cause:    n. 1.原因,起因;缘故,理由,根 ...
  • by discuss:    按讨论; 依讨论


  1. This paper discusses causes of deviation of conveyor belt running from the view of forces among conveyed material , belt and idlers , and describes operations and applications of various anti - deviation idlers
  2. Based on the classification to the asymmetric information from the aspect of time , the paper discusses causes and disadvantageous results of the insured ' s " adverse selection and moral hazard in our insurance market respectively . it proves that solving our asymmetric information problems is very important and urgent


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