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  1. In order to let this system better service for you , please use netscape or ie4 . 0 or more advanced version . disp is 800 600
    最佳显示: 800 600为了本系统能够更好的为您服务,请使用ie4 . 0或以上版本浏览器
  2. The function of metadata dynamic navigation ( mdn ) is accomplished by the antnet algorithm and the ldap service
  3. By now , some functions of disp have been used in the railway tickets autosale system , and have achieved pretty good social and economic benefits
    目前, disp中的一些功能模块已经在铁路自动售票系统上使用,收到了广泛的社会效益和良好的经济效益。
  4. The disp , which essentially belongs to loose consistency data couple mechanism , can be used in both distributed information systems and large heterogenous information systems
  5. In addition , disp also provides a wide channel for data conversion and data communication in top layer application of the data warehouse , guaranteeing the inner operation chain
    另外, disp还为上层数据仓库的数据转换和数据传输提供了更为宽广的通道,保证了内部业务链的通畅。


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