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  1. This paper also discussed the application of oil dispersant agent and bio - surfactant agent in oil - contaminated bioremediation
  2. Flushing oil a is a superior performance mineral oil for flushing and cleaning circulating systems , fortified with active dispersant agents , detergent additives and acid neutralization additives
  3. Ps - mpm was prepared by improved microsuspension polymerization . product structure , particle size and magnetic properties , were characterized and the reaction mechanism was analyzed . such influencing factors as the indissoluble assistant , the dispersant agent , the surfactants , the amount of initiator and the stirring speed were surveyed
  4. In water , the apparent viscosity of composite particles is much lower than that of uncoated graphite with the same solid content ; composite particles have good dispersion effect under different ph value with dispersant agent of sodium hexametahposphate . through the analysis of tg - dtg curve , the oxidation resistance of composite particles has been greatly improved


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