disperse element中文什么意思

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  • 分散元素
  • disperse:    vt. 1.使疏散,使散开;冲散(敌 ...
  • element:    n. 1.要素;成分;(构成)部分; ...
  • coarse disperse:    粗分散


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  1. In 2004 , rare earth and rare dispersed element high - tech & new material industrialization base was set up in the company with liaoyang people ' s government and liaoning university
    2004年辽阳市人民政府与辽宁大学在我公司共建了“稀土及稀散元素高新材料产业化基地” 。
  2. Taking the tianbaoshan and daliangzi pb - zn deposits as examples , this thesis discusses the occurrence state and enrichment mechanism of dispersed elements in the mvt pb - zn deposits
  3. Based on observation of many polished and thin sections and analyses of electron microprobe , the author suggests that dispersed elements in both the tianbaoshan and the daliangzi deposits occur as isomorphism
  4. Silicon grating is a principal dispersing element to fabricate micro spectrometer . the development and application of silicon grating is introduced , especially the use in micro spectrometers
  5. Nanotechnology permanent address oil evenly dispersed elements in every aspect of the pre - start before the engine friction protection and avoid machine dry friction . superior high and low temperature performance


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