发音:   用"displaceable"造句
  • 可换置的
  • 可取代的
  • 可置换的


  1. Educational inspection is one of the important parts in educational management and it has played a displaceable role in japanese educational development
  2. Laboratories at university are playing more and more important and displaceable role in producing professional personnel with creative ability and practical skill
  3. The analysis and review of the present situation of the advances in the modification of uhmwpe , which is used as the displaceable material for artificial joint , are made in this paper , and some points on the developing tendency of the research are also put forword
  4. And the main contents of this dissertation are : ( 1 ) the engineering geological features of discontinuities in surrounding rock mass were analyzed on the basis of field geological survey and the preferred orientation of the main discontinuities were derived . then the displaceable blocks distributing on the roof and sidewalls of main chamber were searched out taking the intersecting relationship of discontinuities into consideration . then the failure mode and the coefficient of stability of the displaceable blocks were studied respectively


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