dollar position中文什么意思

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  • dollar:    n. 1.美元〔符号为$〕。 2.元 ...
  • position:    n. 1.位置;方位;地点。 2.处 ...
  • in dollar:    按美元
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  1. And so , notwithstanding the improvements in the fundamentals , the short hong kong dollar position continued to build up
  2. Indeed in 2002 the traditionally net long us dollar short hong kong dollar position of the banking system increased significantly , allegedly for this reason
  3. And when there is sudden realisation that the hong kong dollar might strengthen , the short hong kong dollar position naturally becomes a concern
  4. Perhaps the opportunity cost of two per cent per annum is small in relation to whatever they are up to in accordance with their own assessment of the potential benefits and i hope the risks of maintaining a long hong kong dollar position
  5. He explained that in contrast to october last year , when people had to pay very penal interest rates to fund their short hong kong dollar positions , the hedge funds had pre - funded themselves during the currency attack in august


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