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  1. Twisting tongue was the recessive heredity of single gene of autosome , and the non - twisting type was the dominant character
  2. With the international financial industry competition being more and more intense , the globalization , electronicalization and the integration have become the dominant character
  3. A pale straw green color . intense varietal aroma with dominant characters of grapefruit , citrus blooms , and apricots . a concentrated balanced wine with good acidity and a long , lingering aftertaste
  4. The results showed as follows : ( 1 ) 6 traits are correlative with genomic factors according to analysis of population genetics and comparison of the coherence of twins . ( 2 ) the hereditary mode of rolling tongue or pointed tongue was the dominant heredity of single gene of autosome , and the can - rolling type or can - pointed type was the dominant character
  5. The author considers that the qualifications involve three facets , the qualifications of taxpayers , of foreign taxes and of procedures , of which the second facet is prescribed by law in the most detailed way and the kernel of the provisions is that creditable foreign taxes are income taxes in u . s . sense judged on their dominant characters


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