due date for payment中文什么意思

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  • 应付款的日期;付款到期日
  • due date:    (借据等的)到期日,应付款日期。
  • payment:    n. 1.支付;缴纳;付款额,报酬; ...
  • payment due date:    到期还款日


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  1. A 28 days before the due date for payment of the provisional tax , or
  2. Due date for payment
  3. Your application must be received by the ird not later than 28 days before the due date for payment of tax
  4. In the event of acceptance of premature performance ( 4 ( 2 ) ) , the due date for payment is based on the originally agreed delivery date
    在接受或者提前行使的情况下( 4 ( 2 ) ) ,付款日期应以最初协商的交货日期为基础。
  5. Interest accrues from the due date for payment of the tax specified in the notice of assessment or the date of the order for holdover of payment of tax , whichever is the later , up to the date of withdrawal or final determination of the objection or appeal


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