electric accessory中文什么意思

发音:   用"electric accessory"造句
  • 电气设备
  • electric:    adj. 1.电的;带电的;起电的, ...
  • accessory:    adj. 1.附属的,附带的,辅助的 ...
  • acc accessory:    附件


  1. Produces electric accessories and apparatus . company profile , product catalogue with picture presentations
  2. The electric accessories series from us ( such as switch , socket , illumination accessories and ventilator ) create new popvlarity in theglobal electric market
  3. The newborn ultra86 series , designed by pdl in new zealand , is expected to launched in january 2003 . and in the near future , new series of customized products and the advanced - intelligent electric accessories will come into the market in succession
  4. In 2004 , koslo started business cooperation in china , which was the largest electric brand of foreign investment in china . there were two asian production bases in china respectively producing electric , lighting , net intelligence and low voltage electric accessories . in order to ensure the quality of products and enable each product to go beyond the market expectation , the production process were supervised by senior technical experts of koslo headquarters
  5. Yueqing jinghong electrlc co . , ltd , is a professional factory , which has been producing electric accessories for twenty years . we are the leading professional manufacturer in producing of terminal blocks , insulated teleflex , industrial plug , cable ties , nail cable clip , localizer , insulation and so on


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