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  1. The effects of flutamide on the full gene expression of early testis development of embryonic period male sd rats
  2. Critical phases are the embryonic period ( first part of the pregnancy ) and the first 24 hour after birth
    母猪繁殖周期中几个关键的时期包括胚胎期(妊娠初期) ,分娩后24小时。
  3. The author gives an introduction of the embryonic period , development period and the current situation of expert development
  4. But body of some pregnant woman suffers from hepatitis b , if be affected in embryonic period , be born likely is to have antibody , but the circumstance in this is few
  5. The expression of gpr78 displayed the levels in tendency to decrease from telencephalon to metencephalon during embryonic period . this suggested grp78 play an important role in the early morphogenesis of brain . it may be a positio
    3 . gr脚8 、 gr即4在脑发育过程中的不同表达模式提示存在尚未被认识的与upr机制不同的内质网分子伴侣表达调控机制。


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