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  1. The others place will use construction to stand temporarily undertake enclothing
  2. Rectum polyp is located in those who mucous membrane is enclothed namely inside bowel , qualitative soft tumour
  3. Do poineering work up to now , the company is acted on double win join in policy , devote oneself to product development and market to develop , already had more than 10 provincial agent in home , brand shop and shop are close 100 , sale network enclothes more than 20 province city of countrywide quickly
  4. Make full use of already achievement of some information scientific research and technical advantage , already formed information of standard of more than 60 flowers and trees to collect bit of ; 100 in the whole nation at present more than trade service station , enclothe countrywide main flowers and trees basically to produce a division
    充分利用已有的信息科研成果和技术优势,目前在全国已形成60余个花木标准信息采集点; 100余个交易服务站,基本覆盖全国主要花木产区。


  1. provide with clothes or put clothes on; "Parents must feed and dress their child"
    同义词:dress, clothe, garb, raiment, tog, garment, habilitate, fit out, apparel


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