entry account中文什么意思

发音:   用"entry account"造句
  • entry:    n. 1.进入,入场;入城;(演员) ...
  • account:    n. 1.计算;账;账目;账户;计算 ...
  • account code entry:    帐号输入
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  1. The double - entry accounting is used by viryually every business organization
  2. In double entry accounting , which is in almost universal use , there are equal debit and credit entries for every transaction
  3. Every months of bill opens your unit every months of sale that amount had exceeded check and ratify , should open amount according to bill according to imposition of pay of business accounting of applicable tax rate , namely : 7month 56000 * applicable tax rate , 45000 * is applicable august tax rate , 35000 * is applicable september tax rate ; because your unit is successive 3 months are effective at the same time 30 % of the sale that sale exceeded check and ratify , the ; of lunar norm check and ratify that should adjust you is additional according to " of total bureau of national tax wu about individual and industrial and commercial a regulation of administrative measure " , your unit should establish double entry account , execute auditorial collect
    你单位每月发票开具金额已经超过了核定的每月销售额,应该按照发票开具金额按照适用税率核算缴纳税款,即: 7月份56000 *适用税率, 8月份45000 *适用税率, 9月份35000 *适用税率;同时因为你单位连续三个月实际销售额超过了核定的销售额的30 % ,应该调整你的月定额核定;另外根据国家税务总局"关于个体工商户治理办法"规定,你单位应该建立复式帐,实行查帐征收


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