environment act中文什么意思

发音:   用"environment act"造句
  • 环境法令


  1. Applications running in both j2ee and j2se environments act as event sources to create and send events to the cei server
  2. Next , it expounds the macroscopic and microcosmic support terrace function which information communication environment acts on information communication from two aspects : capital market supervision and company administration
  3. In order to promote social associations in different residents and accelerate the conformity in edge communities , this thesis discusses mutual actions between the physical factors and the non - physical factors and their external expression through positive analysis . at the aid of behavior - environment analysis and questionnaire investigation , the thesis analyzes the promoting and restricted effects that neighborhood environment act on social mutual associations in different kinds of residents , and researches the objective needs and subjective expectations of neighborhood circumstance . and at last , tactics and measures of constructing neighborhood circumstance are brought forward in order to give full play to neighborhood functions and accelerate conformity in edge communities


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