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  1. In the taiyuan stage of the early permian , north china sea is connected with qilian sea to form uniform epicontinental sea deposit
  2. The feature of the sedimentary succession of the epicontinental sea basin in the study area was analyzed by means of the stochastic math model , markov chain
  3. The depositional environment of the upper paleozoic in the ordos evoluted from the epicontinental sea to the fluvial - delta . the change of the depositional environment and eustacy controlled the main depositional systems in the research area
  4. The sedimentary formation can be summarized as rift bay filling sequence , epicontinental sea filling sequence , offshore debris lake basin sequence and inner continental lake basin sequence . a framework of sequence stratigraphy for the upper palaeozic strata is established in the area . the helan aulacogen of upper carboniferous in the west margin of ordos can be divided into 12 sequences , and most of the upper palaeozoic strata in the area can be divided into 15 sequences
  5. So it had the long distance controlling effect on the sediment in the ordos . it is generally supposed that on the ramp of cratonic basin , the sequence of the epicontinental sea in the ordos is mainly composed of the transgressive system tract and the high stand system tract . this paper shows that it is possible that the incised valley of the low stand system tract can exist on the continental shelf in the basin


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