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  1. To establish post - offices and post - roads
  2. Establishing post - modern notion of moral education strengthening the effect of moral education among people under eighteen
  3. The school of life science was established in 1991 . it is one of the schools which first established post - doctoral mobile stations of biology
    生命科学学院成立于1991年,是国家首批建立生物学博士后流动站的单位之一, 1998年又首批获得生物学一级学科博士学位授予权。
  4. For the purpose , yuan government took a series of effective measures to develop agriculture and pasture , industry and commerce , communications etc . in the northwest area and obtained new achievements : forming a new national pattern and multiple economy in the northeast area ; discovering the true source and dredging partial transport of yellow river , which was an important place in the history of yellow river ' s development ; improving unprecedentedly the conditions of local communications by establishing posts and strengthening to run them in the northwest area , which had a great effect on the communication of ming - qing dynasty down to today ; ningxia being named officially in yuan dynasty and ningxia plain becoming beautiful " lush southern - type fields north of the great wall " on the base of the development of yuan dynasty
    为此,采取一系列有效措施,对西北地区的农牧业、工商业、交通等进行比较全面的开发,取得了一些新成果。如西北地区民族新格局及多元经济的形成;对黄河的开发,发现了真正河源,开通局部黄河漕运,在黄河开发史上占有重要地位;通过在西北地区设立驿站和加强对所立驿站的管理,使当地交通状况得到前所未有的改观,对明清以降直至今天的交通都产生了很大影响;宁夏于元代正式定名,宁夏平原变成美丽的“塞上江南” ,在元代奠定了基础。
  5. Finally , the thesis establishes post evaluation index system , analyzes its index connotation and hierarchy structure and studies its index sequence and weight with ahp method by studying the characteristics , functions and bases of post evaluation of the investment project of the capital construction in universities and colleges , therefore providing a quantitative analyzing method for implementing post evaluation of the project in universities and colleges


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