export abroad中文什么意思

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  • 对外出口
  • export:    n. 1.输出,出口。 2.出口货; ...
  • abroad:    adv. 1.到处;四处传开,流行。 ...
  • export to:    导出到; 汇出到; 输出到; 向…… ...


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  1. The products sell well to coastal provinces . parts of products export abroad
  2. If left alone a single bird looks lovesick and won t sing any more . some are exported abroad by pairs
  3. Close to our suppliers network , we manage our supply chain for delivery as well as quality , deliver the chinese market and export abroad directly from the container port , located at only 6 ? far from the factory
  4. Manufacturing specifications type of squid hook . by quality and reasonable price , using quality material 304 stainless steel wire in the sea erosion are not rusting , product 2 / 3 exports abroad , timely availability
    生产制造各种规格型号的鱿鱼钩。质量兼优,价格合理,材料采用优质304不锈钢丝,在海水的侵蚀下不生锈,产品2 / 3出口国外,供货及时
  5. Nowhere is the reinforcing relationship between trade and security more evident than in the activities of our export control attaches . the attaches help us ensure that we are supporting american exports abroad , as well as working with our foreign counterparts to prevent export violations


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