file a petition中文什么意思

发音:   用"file a petition"造句
  • 呈交诉状, 提出请愿
  • 呈交诉状;提出请求
  • file:    n. 1.锉刀。 2.〔英俚〕滑头。 ...
  • petition:    n. 1.请愿,请求;申请;祈求。 ...
  • a wonderful petition:    人头告御状


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  1. She filed a petition for divorce
  2. At & t filed a petition to strengthen did rules for prevention of toll fraud
    提出申请,要求强化did (外线直接拨入)规则,以防止长途电话盗打。
  3. Article 21 if a prisoner is not satisfied with the effective judgment , he may file a petition
  4. The united states company must file a petition with the u . s . department of homeland security ( dhs ) for a work permit for the applicant
  5. Eia filed a petition to require digital security coding for cordless phones to prevent random dialing that interfered with 911 operations
    Eia (电子工业部)提出申请,要求对无绳电话进行数字安全编码,以防止随机拨打造成对" 911 "应急电话的干扰。


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