filling amount中文什么意思

发音:   用"filling amount"造句
  • 充填量
  • 装粉量


  1. Increasing the filled amount of resin based on water quality , and improving the regeneration technology at the same time , the periodic output amount of fabricated water has recovered to the best level in history
  2. The main results in this paper are as follows : ( 1 ) study on starting up performance of thermosyphon : according to the study on the states before and after starting up of thermosyphon with the various filling amount , it is considered that the phase change heat transfer inside the copper - water thermosyphon with a large ratio of length and diameter is not only influenced by the boiling degree of superheat , but also controlled by evaporation and companied with the boiling of the thin liquid film
    本文的主要研究结果为: ( 1 )热虹吸管启动性能的研究:通过对从不同充液量、启动前状态、内部汽化核心状态对启动的影响所进行的试验研究,认为大长径比的铜?水热虹吸管管内相变不仅仅为沸腾,而是以蒸发为主,伴有薄液膜的沸腾。
  3. The overall fill amount of the airport is 1091 . 2347 noyriastere and the height of the fill is almost 60m , with pertains to the high fill projects of the airport , whose site to prography and lithology is very varied . the basement of the till area is a slope dip place of slow dip downhill roch . there the research on the stability of the side slope filled is very necessary , this is because not only the design construction operation and investment of project is under influence , but also the feasibility of the projecct is also restricted , which is the key of the successful construction of the airport
    为开发资源,改善投资环境而兴建的荔波机场位于贵州省荔波县东北约12km ,机场总填方量1091 . 2347万m ~ 3 ,填方高度近60m ,属高填方机场,其场址地形及岩性复杂,填方区基底为缓倾角顺坡岩层的斜坡地区,因此填方边坡的稳定问题研究是十分必要的,因为不仅影响到工程设计、施工、运行和工程投资,甚至制约着工程的可行性,是机场安全顺利建设的关键。


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