filling date中文什么意思

发音:   用"filling date"造句
  • filling:    n. 1.装满,填装;填补。 2.填 ...
  • date:    n. 1.海枣属。 2.海枣。 短语 ...
  • date of filling:    归档日期
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  1. After 6 passports are ideal for taking in one of the parks after work , or for a romantic and fun - filled date
  2. Each cylinder should be labelled and colour - coded . the batch number and / or filling date and expiry date may be on a separate label
  3. Where the catalogue of commodities concerning micro - organisms or the document indicating the date of publication or date of grant of the patent concerned in the gazette is not submitted at the time of filling , but within three months from the filling date , the " form of amendment " shall be used and the title of the document shall be indicated in it
  4. Rule 100 any international application which has been accorded an international filling date in accordance with the patent cooperation treaty and which has designated china shall be deemed as an application for patent filed with the patent administration department under the state council , and the said filing date shall be deemed as the filing date referred to in article 28 of the patent law


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