filter apparatus中文什么意思

发音:   用"filter apparatus"造句
  • 过滤器
  • 滤器


  1. The pond had recycle filter apparatus in which sand was biofield bed and air - pressed was powered
  2. The subsystem implementing the measurement of cell is called the measuring apparatus and the one implementing the selection function is called filtering apparatus
  3. The measuring and filtering apparatuses have the same cpu board including the network port , serial port , external ram and flash . an additional cpld is added for further function expansion
    检测仪和分选仪的cpu板采用相同的设计,板内的可用资源有网口,串口,外部ram ,外部flash等等。
  4. The host pc and terminal machine communicate with each other by udp , and the reading of ic card is through serial port . the measuring apparatus consists of analog switch , ad converter ads1256 circuits while the filtering apparatus is composed of latch 74hc374


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