finishing period中文什么意思

发音:   用"finishing period"造句
  • 催肥期
  • 精炼期(冶金)
  • finishing:    adj. 最后的。 n. 完成修整, ...
  • period:    n. 1. 时代;期;时期;期间;阶 ...
  • a period of:    一段时期


  1. The production process is relatively simple . the finishing period is shorter to be economical
  2. The control system of mould level is crucial to improve the slab quality in the continuous casting process , pid controller is used in the traditional mould level control , and it has some defaults , such as : at the start - up or finishing period of casting or during the changeover of tundish , pid control has a bad effect , its overshoot is large and its transient time is long ; the erosion of the tundish stopper and the submersed nozzles lead to the accuracy of control become bad ; the abrupt falloff of block in the submersed nozzles makes the level acutely fluctuate , and pid control can not overcome the disturbances resulted from the change of casting speed


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