first cost中文什么意思

发音:   用"first cost"造句
  • 初期费用
  • 初期投资
  • 初始成本
  • 初置成本
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  1. The price is under first cost .
  2. Analysis by the sinking - fund procedure is also known as " amortization with interest on first cost .
    以偿债基金步骤进行分析,也就是大家所熟知的“对初始成本进行带利息分期偿还” 。
  3. Lowest first cost galvanizing is lower in first cost than many other commonly specified protective coatings for steel
  4. Under fifo , the first costs into inventory are the first costs out to cost of goods sold ? hence the name first - in , first - out
  5. The paper points out that talent personnel , system , capital , and government functions are the important aspects of carrying out the strategic objective of dstdz , frames the strategic development schedules of dstdz , that is introducing well maturated high tech enterprise from nation and abroad , building infrastructure area by area , realizing the accumulation of the first cost and congregation of the industry resource , forming the zone development in good circulation , and accomplishing the building task at the beginning of establishing dstdz on the basis of establishment of high tech industry park and the incubator of science and technology enterprise


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