flank in中文什么意思

发音:   用"flank in"造句
  • 由正撑侧摆越成后撑


  1. Study on dynamics mechanism of landslide with locked flank in plane rotation
  2. Cristiano ronaldo is expected to shift to the left flank in place of giggs , while darren fletcher is likely to resume duties on the right , where he has impressed in recent weeks
  3. To sum up the above analysis , we make sure that the pretertiary of haijiao uplift , yushan uplift and east flank in oujiang depression and the transitional zone between changjiang depression and xihu depression is a new prospect of time and space for hydrocarbon exploration in the shelf basin of the east china sea
  4. But as the attack was made on our left flank in the evening after the retreat of our rearguard , that is , immediately after the action at gridnevo , and as the russian generals would not , or could not , begin the general engagement on the evening of the 24th , the first and most important action of the battle of borodino was lost on the 24th , and that loss led inevitably to the loss of the battle fought on the 26th


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