flat spin中文什么意思

发音:   用"flat spin"造句
  • 1.(飞机的)水平螺旋。
  • flat:    adj. (flatter; fla ...
  • spin:    vt. (spun , 〔古语〕 s ...
  • spin flat:    螺旋变平


  1. This flat spin , it ' s making me dizzy
  2. She is the only female skater who can pull a flat spin 540 and a fakie 900
  3. When mary broke off the engagement , john seemed to go into a flat spin . he was hardly ever sober for three months
    当玛丽毁掉婚约时,约翰好像完全失去了自我, 3个月时间里他几乎没有清醒的时候。
  4. Reg is in a flat spin ; his wife is coming back from a trip a day earlier than expected and he hasn ' t done any cleaning or washing up for a week
  5. The second type , an " asymmetric stall " or " flat spin happens when the pilot slows down on both brakes to just before stall point and then further applies one brake
    第二类,一个?不对称的失速?或者?平转? ,只发生在当飞行员用双侧煞车减速,在将近失速点之前过度使用单侧煞车时。


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