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  1. Those missing flattops weren't covering the oncoming san bernardino force .
  2. The flattop is a popular style among chinese men
  3. In this paper , we analyze and practise the enterprise - level application of b / s structure developed on j2ee platform , which is in the information - flattop plan proposed by yunnan electric power company
    本文针对云南电力集团公司提出的“信息航母计划” ,对在j2ee平台上开发b s结构的企业级应用程序进行了一定的分析、研究和实践工作。
  4. The fourth section look back the past developed stratagem of changhong , introduce priding singleton - policy and flattop - theory making changhong grandness , set up stably and citadel sale stratagem and market stratagem , have a theoretic cognition to developing course of changhong
  5. The implantation of a property and prosper , must depend on a well - known brand and production , big enterprise , group leader business enterprise or business enterprise group to develop , the author bring up of clear and definite a target ( building the medicine flattop , making wudang a medicine harbor ) , push forward two development way of million - project ( plant a million mu chinese herbal medicine , arouse 100 ten thousand farmers amass a fortune with the middle - class family ) , integrating three greatest resources ( chinese herbal medicine , capital and human resource ) , classification raising the hormone medicine , inside the patent medicine and bio - medicine , vet ' s medicine with medical treatment apparatus and drugs packing a four group leader business enterpriseses , and it is fit for the practice ; the author bring forward that the framework of chinese herbal medicine by company add households , going by business enterprise mechanism to circulate , and accord with the busi ness enterprise and the farmer benefits , it carry on actually
    一个产业的培植与繁荣,必须依靠龙头企业或企业集团的带动,靠一批骨干企业一批知名品牌、产品作支撑,才能促进该产业可持续发展。作者提出的明确一个目标(打造医药航母,建设武当药港) ,推进两个百万工程(种植100万亩中药材,带动100万农民致富与小康) ,整合三大资源(中药材、资本与人力资源) ,分类培植激素类药物、中成药与生物医药类、兽医药类和医疗器械与药品包装类四个龙头企业的发展思路,切合该地区实际;作者提出的公司加基地加农户加依托单位的中药材种植模式,按企业机制运行,符合企业和农民利益,切实可行。


  1. a large warship that carries planes and has a long flat deck for takeoffs and landings
    同义词:aircraft carrier, carrier, attack aircraft carrier
  2. a closely cropped haircut; usually for men
    同义词:crew cut


This article is about the hairstyle. For other uses of "flattop" (or "Flat Top"), see Flat Top (disambiguation).


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