for ,while中文什么意思

发音:   用"for ,while"造句
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  • while:    n. 一段时间;一会儿;(所需、所费 ...
  • for a while:    过会…; 一阵子; 暂时,一时; 暂 ...
  • the while:    其时, 当时


  1. It was an inconsistent and ubiquitous fiend too , for , while it was making the whole night behind him dreadful , he darted out into the roadway to avoid dark alleys , fearful of its coming hopping out of them like a dropsical boy s kite without tail and wings
  2. Meanwhile , historic district renewal , is a comprehensive course of interests that different levels gather the fought for , while the fast urban economic growth and the fast urbanization promoting the efforts of transforming to strengthen constantly , non - appropriate transform way also sharpen the contradiction of the social vulnerable groups with the eminent domain and transformation , dwelling problems of social vulnerable groups becomes serious problems more and more


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