发音:   用"frere"造句
  • 弗雷尔
  • 弗雷雷
  • 弗里尔
  • 兄弟


  1. Whatever happened to frere jacques or itsy - bitsy spider
    怎么不唱《两只老虎》或《可爱小蜘蛛》 ?
  2. - singing " frere jacques " ? - with a cow skull on his head
    -唱着牛仔歌曲? -他的头上还带着牛骨吗?
  3. Singing " frere jacques " ? - with a cow skull on his head
    -唱着牛仔歌曲? -他的头上还带着牛骨吗?
  4. The owner of the domaine bott frere - mrs . nicole bott will be present to introduce her wines
  5. Lenehan and one from alba longa , one crotthers , and young stephen that had mien of a frere that was at head of the board and costello that men clepen punch costello all long of a mastery of him erewhile gested and of all them , reserved young stephen , he was the most drunken that demanded still of more mead and beside the meek sir leopold


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