furnace bottom中文什么意思

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  • 炉底
  • 窑底
  • furnace:    n. 1.炉子;熔炉;高炉。 2.极 ...
  • bottom:    n. 1.底,底部。 2.地基,基础 ...
  • blast furnace bottom:    高炉炉底; 鼓风炉炉底


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  1. Application of water cooling technology of furnace bottom in 120m3 blast furnace at laigang
  2. The furnace bottom can rise , decline and move horizontally , so work - pieces loading is very convenient
  3. 410hl series of thermocouple are used tomeasure temperature of iron and steel blast furnace bottom
    T - wrkk - 410hl系列热电偶适用于钢铁高炉底测量温度。
  4. Roll helix driver is adopted to rise and decline the furnace bottom , so the furnace bottom run smoothly and choose position accurately
  5. Abstract : the reasons of casi furnace bottom rising are analysed , the operation procedure to prolong smelting casi period in 1mva electric furnace and the remarkable results achieved are expounded


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