gland duct中文什么意思

发音:   用"gland duct"造句
  • gland:    n. 【机械工程】密封压盖,填料盖, ...
  • duct:    n. 1.管,导管,输送管;槽,沟, ...
  • duct gland:    有输送管的腺;管腺
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  1. Lacrimal gland ducts division
  2. Prostate gland tissue can transport the secretions from the spermatophore and the spermaduct by the conduit , when ejaculate the prostate and spermatophore and muscles contract , and push out the secretions into the nearly urethra from gland dunk and gland duct
  3. There are 16 - 32 gland ducts from prostate opened into the urethra , eject prostatic fluid which composes semen . furthermore , the right and left ejaculation ducts are formed by the spermatic efferent and the ampullae located end of the spermaduct , also pass through the prostate and open to the spermatic colliculus


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