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  1. The typical sperm of cipangopaludina chinensis , having spiral nucleus , long and spiral mitochondrion and a large number of glycogen granules , belongs to the modified sperm
  2. The ultrastructure of the hepatocyte in bufo bufo gargarizans cantor between pro - hibernation and initial post - hi be rnation was studied in this paper . the results show that : 1 . the hepatocytes in pro - hibernation period have very plenty of glycogen granules , but nearly not glycog en granules in post - hibernation period ; 2 . the hepatocytes in pro - hibernation peri od have very developed rough endoplasmic reticulum , but a few scattered dilatant rough endoplasmic reticula in post - hibernation period ; 3 . the quantity of mitocho ndria , and the structure of nuclei and bile canaliculi in pro - hibernation period have not obvious difference from that in post - hibernation period ; 4 . two types o f hepatocytes in pro - hibernation were found . the significance of the results men tioned above is also discussed
    冬眠前和出眠初期的中华大蟾蜍肝细胞的超微结构有如下特点: ( 1 )冬眠前肝细胞堆积有大量糖元颗粒,而出眠初期几乎无糖元颗粒; ( 2 )冬眠前肝细胞的粗面内质网非常发达,而出眠初期的粗面内质网不发达,常呈零散膨大; ( 3 )线粒体的数量,细胞核和胆小管的形态结构在这两个时期无明显差异; ( 4 )冬眠前肝细胞可分为两种不同的类型.对上述结果的生理意义作了讨论
  3. Following with the condensing of chromatin , nucle us gradually elongates and spires . a large number of vesicles turn into glycogen granules behind mitochondria . the mature typical sperm of cipangopaludina chinensis , having monoflagella , consists of a spiral head with only one spiral buddle conformed of nucleus , a spiral middle piece with four s


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