go on a voyage中文什么意思

发音:   用"go on a voyage"造句
  • go on:     Go on! 〔口语〕接 ...
  • voyage:    n. 航海,航行;旅行;航程。 a ...
  • on the voyage:    在航行中
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  1. Captain cook went on a voyage round the world
  2. David went on a voyage around the world
  3. The burning questions for him are that whether he should go on a voyage to make his career a memorable one or stay at home and play for his club and his town ! !
  4. Well , you know , missis always said they were poor and quite despicable : and they may be poor ; but i believe they are as much gentry as the reeds are ; for one day , nearly seven years ago , a mr . eyre came to gateshead and wanted to see you ; missis said you were at school fifty miles off ; he seemed so much disappointed , for he could not stay : he was going on a voyage to a foreign country , and the ship was to sail from london in a day or two


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