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  • golden:    n. 戈尔登〔姓氏〕。
  • tax:    n. 1.税,租税,租款 (on; ...
  • project:    vt. 1.投掷,抛出;发射(炮弹等 ...
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  1. Golden tax project
  2. The “ golden tax project ” , depending on information technology and emphasizes value - added tax invoice , was put in practice in 1995 . and the newly revised edition of invoice will be gradually popularized in the whole nation , first beginning from the city of beijing in 2003
  3. Firstly , this part makes " golden tax project " as the clue to introduce our information modernization on tax administration process , furthermore to raise five main issues in the current construction of our information modernization on tax administration , such as development imbalance , the low use , the lack of standards , unfavorable cooperation and talent absence
  4. Fourthly , it is helpful for the information share between the departments , to prevent avoiding tax and the occurrence of the repetitious taxation . the tax source control used in internet mainly includes four aspects : the first one is the construction of the first to the third step of golden tax project , the second one is the construction of the government portals of tax authority and the internal automation of official business , the third one is the conversion from general taxpayer point for a little net on report to the internet report , the fourth one is chinese tax revenue collection and management system v2 . 0 s operation on line


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