ground-based missile中文什么意思

发音:   用"ground-based missile"造句
  • 地面发射的导弹
  • ground:     ground2 n. 1 ...
  • base:    adj. 1.贱的,劣的;卑下的,低 ...
  • missile:    n. 投射器;飞射器[箭、炮弹等], ...


  1. Foreign ministry spokesman liu jianchao said tuesday that beijing has informed washington of the january 11th test , in which it used a ground - based missile to destroy an aging chinese weather satellite
  2. But china ' s space plans have faced increasing international scrutiny amid fears about a potential space arms race with the united states and other powers since it blew up one of its own weather satellites using a ground - base missile in january


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