group formation中文什么意思

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  • group:    n. 1.群;批,簇。,团 ...
  • formation:    n. 1.构成,形成;设立;编制。 ...
  • formation group:    群系组
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  1. 6170 conduct pilot projects in marketing and group formation
  2. A matrix element representation of angular momentum operator under so group formation
  3. In order to solve the problems of space group formation and event detection in battlefield , a novel group formation algorithm for maneuvering target was proposed
  4. It is this synergy which makes group work attractive in corporate organization despite the possible problems ( and time spent ) in group formation
    抛开团队工作中可能遇到的问题(和消耗的时间) ,在公司组织结构中团队工作由于团队配合的高效率而得到人们的青睐。
  5. The following is a set of suggestions which may help in group formation . they are offered as suggestions , no more ; a group will work towards its own practices and norms


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