gu mu中文什么意思

发音:   用"gu mu"造句
  • mu:    n. 希腊语的第十二字母〔M, μ〕 ...
  • a mu:    阿木
  • gu:    仇; 苟; 构; 估 孤 古 谷 股 ...
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  1. At the same time , he and xiao long nu fell in love as they are always together in the gu mu old tomb
  2. The story is about a boy called yang guo who is adopted by his uncle guo jing , is sent to the quan zhen jiao to learn kung - fu . treated badly by his schoolmates , he escapes from quan zhen jiao and is saved by the gu mu pai leader , xiao long nu
  3. Recently , state councillor gu mu , head of the china coastal cities economic and technical development corp . ( ccetdc ) - - - the policymaking and coordination body for the 19 “ open areas ” - - - reportedly pronounced the entire coast open to foreign investment
    最近,中国沿海城市经济技术开发集团- - - 19个“开发区域”政策制定和协调机构领导人、国务委员谷牧宣布整个沿海对外开放投资。
  4. Then on the morning of february 20 , the initiates held a remarkable truth - sharing program entitled eden of light : who is the light bearer ? during this event mr . gu mu - te , an aboriginal dancer in a shiny silver costume , performed a fantastic dance enhanced by light and sound effects and vivid narration . the performance conveyed the concepts the light of god gives birth to all of creation and we are the light and the light is us


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