headwater area中文什么意思

发音:   用"headwater area"造句
  • 上游地区


  1. A study of the geological environmental of suprapermafrost water in the headwater area of the yellow river
  2. The paper introduces and amends the composite indexes of soil erosion intensity and regional soil erosion intensity and conducts quantitative analysis on spatial relationship of types of land use and soil erosion intensity of whole china territory , the middle and lower areas of liaohe river , headwater area of danjiangkou reservoir of south - north water transfer project of hubei part and 4 regions of huidong county in guangdong based on sum up of general study methods of spatial relationship of land use and soil erosion
  3. The first geologic reason for degeneration of the eco - environment in the headwater area of the yellow river is that the increase of the recent geologic function caused desertification and grasslands resource decreased and underside changed , destroied the balance of water - air - heat in the area ; the second is that the water environment changes by the degradation and atrophy of frozen earth cause multilayer and synthesis cause of formation degeneration of the eco - environment ; the third is that the man and rats function accelerated degeneration of the eco - environment in the headwater area of the yellow river


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