hoisting cable中文什么意思

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  • 钢丝绳。


  1. Dynamic stress computation of hoisting cable in shaft
  2. Maintenance and check of the hoisting cable
  3. Probing into calculation methods of safety factor of hoisting cable for coal mine
  4. The jdf - 2 type case hanging basket guards against automatically falls mainly uses in the direct motor drive hoisting mechanical well type case hanging basket , as the type case hanging basket using of safekeeping of security , it installs in the hanging basket crossbeam both sides , along including guide rail is rising and falling , when the motor drive type case hanging basket in the fluctuation process , meets overweight , overspeed , steel wire attrition and other reasons creates the hoisting cable or the junction device snaps suddenly , when under hanging basket weightlessness falls , guards against falls can automatic brake , thus achieved avoids falling the basket to offend somebody
    Jdf - 2型井字架吊篮自动防坠器主要用于由电动机驱动的卷扬机井字架吊篮,作为井字架吊篮的安全保护之用,它安装在吊篮横梁的两侧,沿含着导轨升降,当由电动机驱动的井字架吊篮在升降过程中,遇超重超速钢丝绳磨损等原因而造成提升钢丝绳或连接装置突然破断,吊篮失重下坠时,防坠器能自动刹车,从而达到避免坠篮伤人重大事故发生的目的。


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